Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weekend Disaster Post

 The Crazdan Smuggling Fiasco:

Recent smuggling affairs in several countries have left the Crazdan government in a very bad position.

 Several border guards in countries, including those of Arvia, Zerrd, and even Azertionamibreckia, have spotted goblin caravans moving illegally across borders. Several of these parties were apprehended and seen to be shipping medical supplies, armor, weapons, rubber duckies, and commerce of all sorts on the black market.

 Further investigation forces international authorities to conclude that these goblins were funded directly by the Crazdan government. Rumor has it that the goblin nation of Crazda plans to make a grand assault upon the world, starting what some people have the audacity to call a “world war.”

 As of now, Crazdan officials are, as they have through all the ages, admitting nothing, blaming fellow colleagues, and making counteraccusations on a grand scale.

 The smuggling has yet to be stopped, and as local law enforcement is already spread thin trying to quell the flow of goblins passing between lands, several countries have volunteered men to help with the border guard of the lands surrounding Crazda. This scandal has become a matter of world importance as the threat level rapidly rises, and many speculate that a war is bound to erupt.

 Once Crazda declares war, a chain of allies will be set off, causing all countries to be dragged into a giant bout of dangerous warfare due to agreements with other countries. Crazda has three other countries pledged to help them in time of need, and these in turn have several other countries allied with them.

 If Crazda declares war, similar actions among other nations will cause a gigantic international crisis.

 Concerned citizens of several countries have already prepared for the worst, and it seems that the dried food industry has had a sudden surge of demand as people scramble for supplies to “wait out the end of the world” in underground bunkers and other such fortresses. 

If this supposed world war actually does come into existence the whole social state of the world will collapse.

Written by Deezaz Teer Sdeerikes

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