Saturday, July 21, 2012

100 Cupboards Book Review

I think its time to change the Iron Wyvern slightly by packing in the occasional book review on recently read and enjoyed books that we have read. The first of many will be 100 Cupboards, a book that I enjoyed profusely and see fit to publish a review on its pros and cons.

The overall set up of the book is great, Henry’s parent’s kidnapping, his finding of the mysterious cupboards, and my personal favorite, the Raggant that started it all introduced at the end and revealing all of the questions that popped up throughout the book.

It was a pretty good book on most accounts, but it didn’t explain few things, like his parents for instance; Why would he completely forget about his parents especially in the numerous crisis’s that sprang up in the book, N.D. Wilson kind of messed up there, at least in my view he did, which only goes to show that all authors make several mistakes in their career, even my all time favorite and idolized author Brian Jacques made a few slip ups in the start of the Redwall series (For instance, he mentions humans vaguely in his first book, along with getting the scale wrong on a few occasions like the horse drawn cart bigger than the trees).

Anyway, on to the characters of the 100 Cupboards:

The main character Henry is well put together with his occasional doubts and fears about his new hometown, baseball and such, the kind of thoughts that would certainly invade a modern minor’s mind (forgive the continued M words), so, Henry is well put together, so are the three Willis girls, one Tomboy, one by-the-book and so forth. (don’t want to reveal to much about the story).
I think my favorite character beside the Raggant of course is Zeke Johnson, mostly because I think he’s what Americans should be like, polite, protective, friendly and etc.. And he plays baseball, which is a sport I enjoy but don’t play often.

I think that is all for now, and I think that’s a passible review on 100 Cupboards.
Hope you enjoy it,
J.T.Z Baner 

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