About the Authors

“It may be fiction but it has to be true.” –Jacquelyn Mitchard

We collectively are three writers who have come together under the pen name JTZ Baner. Each of us is either J, T, or Z (not necessarily in that order), and we all write various fictional works in our spare time. Two of us, J and T, have completed NaNoWriMo; we have all completed Camp NaNoWriMo. All three of us collectively work on a few projects, our most notable thus far being The Draconian Letters. We all individually write short stories. None of us has any noteworthy degrees.

Iron Wyvern is our deposit for some of the literature we create, and not the secret campaigning base for any insane narcissistic hamsters. Please enjoy, and try not to disturb our pet wyvern; he has quite the temper. You may contact us through this email:

Leanann an nathair ar a sceal fein.

-JTZ Baner