Friday, July 27, 2012

Letter Nineteen

My dear Smok,
It has come to my attention that you have stopped your rampage and returned to your lair at last. I am pleased. That rampage was particularly excessive; too much bloodshed on the whole, and too little terrification and rumorification. I fear that your reputation has not increased as much as it could have, considering that all there is left of your work is whole towns burnt to a crisp, and no possible survivors to spread tales of your terror.
I would advise you to wait a bit before terrorizing Aolia; the citizens of that province will need some time to rebuild. Instead, fly south to Banroc and make a good show at a small town there, leaving about half the population to spread the rumors. Use the three principles I discussed in one of my earlier letters, and don’t forget to add impressive flourish to everything you do!
Now, as for brave knights and such that may come to challenge you, not unlike the archer you reported you saw on your rampage, just keep a clear head. Fire-breathing should not be excessive towards a lone challenger; one burst of flame to establish your authority, and then swoop in and crush your attacker as quickly as possible. I have known many dragons who have been foolish enough to use fire alone in order to vanquish their attackers; this is not the correct method. The attacker will probably use a large fireproofed shield to block the flames, and will slowly advance and kill, while you, on the other hand, will not be able to see him due to all the fire. He will be able to sneak up on you and slay you quite easily, while escaping with, at worst, a lot of heat blisters.
-Your serpentine uncle,

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