Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend Disaster Post

Gremlin Turf War Update:
Further smatterings of skirmishes & ambushes show that the warring gremlin colonies are at it again. The Harr-Dwares and the Wyrebanes had been thought to have cut off their feud, due to the massive casualties on both sides even without machine assistance, but the two tribes are definitely taking this to the last in. Popular pub gossip says that the Harr-Dwares have a better chance of winning because of their bulky bodies and devious tacticians, but the Sunday Fiasco Tribune disagrees; it seems in their minds that the Wyrebanes still have clawing room due to their fierce indifference to the mere thought of defeat and the last week’s outbreak of well-planned ambushes, the most famous one being the Clashing-Bins which left Arkno Svetinhighmer--one of the top officers in the Harr-Dwares--with a trash bin lid mashed over his head, and three mismatched slippers stuffed in his pie hole.
As you can see, the upper hand is yet to be taken, but bets are being placed worldwide. Strangely, most bet that the Harr-Dware high powers will drop a giant sack of flour on top of the Wyrebanes. The other popular bets are that the Wyrebanes will tunnel into the enemy camp and burn their briefs; also there are rumors of the Harr-Dwares building a giant corncob machine. These are unlikely, but possible. I mean, they are Gremlins.


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