Thursday, July 12, 2012

Exclusive Fantasy Interview

Interviewer: J.T.Z Baner
Interviewee: Sean McDougall the Leprechaun

J.T.Z Baner: what is your name, my friend?
Sean: Ye Fool! Have ye no seen the sign?! There it be! Me own name. And I’ll waste nary a breath trying tae explain it tae a buffoon such as yourself!
J.T.Z Baner: Well…erm…Thank you for that display, and I can certainly check off question four about any anger management issues…HEY! Don’t throw that! It’s fragile!
J.T.Z Baner: Let’s see, now that that cabinet is back in place…What is your favorite pastime?
Sean: Oi dearly love tae dig man holes at the end of ma rainbows then put a pot o’ gold beside it, ye wouldnae believe the joy it brings to ma ‘eart.
J.T.Z Baner: Hmm…Violent but effective. Now, next question; in human years how old are you?
Sean: oh, perhaps 50, but in dog years ah am 350, and they treat me like some sort ‘o prophet.
J.T.Z Baner: And, where do you work?
Sean: At the Crock ‘0 Gold bank. We do good business, or at least we did until some blasted buffoon blabbed on the vanishing mint, we barricade the doors every weekend.
J.T.Z Baner: And, if I may be so brazen to ask, what happened to the man who blabbed on you?
Sean: Oh, dinnae worry your fine head about that, and even if you did, ye’de no want to write it down on paper, ye ken?
J.T.Z Baner: Oh…heheh…I ken, and I think I’ll bring this enlightening interview to an end Mr. McDougall, farewell!
Sean: Oh, why not, what happened to the blabbing fool was this…HEY HEY! Don’t turn off the recorder ye buffoon! AAAAAH!!

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