Thursday, July 19, 2012

Letter Fifteen

My Dearest Nephew,
I hear that you have made up your mind as to what occupation you are to follow and are planning to go out on a rampage. I must express my disappointment in your choice of occupation and urge you to reconsider. A life of pillaging and dragon treasure repossessing is not for you. However, as you seem set in this idea, I see it as my duty to give you some advice as to how the best way to go about this is. Though I have never gone out on a rampage in my life, I do know the best forms of defensive fighting.
            First, never attack or attempt to repossess the treasure of a dragon too much larger than yourself. It would be folly to do such a thing as you have no experience with fighting and are not a dragon of great size yourself. Therefore, it would be wisest to take on dragons of your size or smaller if you were to have a chance of besting them in battle. If you do choose to attack a dragon of greater size, or if one seeks you out and challenges you, find a place where you have the advantage in the fight. This may sound like cheating, but it is your only chance of survival in such a foolhardy fight.
            I have no doubt that both of your other uncles are advising you on such bloodthirsty topics as the killing of warriors, burning of towns and crops and the repossessing of large parts of another dragon’s hoard. Although you made the choice to become such a dragon, the blame cannot be entirely laid at your feet. Some of it must go to your other uncles, Scaligar and Gargazath. Those two have been acting with irresponsible lack of thought for others from the time of their youth.
            I remember meeting them when the two sides of the family came together. I never really liked them. Scaligar was always crafty and scheming, never content with what he has. Although he may have been filling your head with delusions of his grandeur, he was in fact, never a great dragon, either of the Western or Eastern type and although he may have made a name for himself at one point, he lacked the ability to keep himself in the history books and has faded from the memories of the people he once terrorized, and rightly so!
            Gargazath on the other claw has all of Scaligar’s bad qualities with none of his wit or intelligence. He sees only the carnage that can be wreaked and the blood that might be shed. His idiocy is known far and wide and his arrogance also. He has had a history of any sort although he boasts of a long life in which he has become one of the greatest western dragons ever known and feared throughout the land by man and beast.
            As you can see, your uncles have no experience in the real maters of life and as such I am shocked that you have taken their advice and gone rampaging off to terrorize the humans of the land.
            Your disappointed uncle,

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