Friday, July 13, 2012

Letter Twelve

My Dearest Nephew,
My esteemed colleague Elithu the wise has informed me that you have taken up residence in Aolia, a most excellent move on your part. Now you must work diligently at building up the trust and goodwill of the villagers close by. They must come to know you as a source of wisdom and benevolence instead of as a plague of fire and fume. Such a job will be difficult for one such as you who have the unmistakable looks of a Western dragon. Creatures with bat-like wings, the ability to breathe fire and spade-tipped tails have a disparaging reputation as vile creatures that constantly steal, hoard and kill. As such you must work extra-hard to put yourself in the god graces of the townsfolk close by. You might consider finding out what great problems the village is dealing with at the moment (there are always one or more of them) and assist the people in dealing with it. It will not do to have them believe that they should expect this from you, but make sure that they see you a source of help rather than woe.
             Now, about your lair. If you have taken a cave on the cliffs, I applaud your good taste. Such places are best for the benevolent dragons as I have said before (for full reasons, look over my previous letter) the entrance ought to be something dramatic so you should think of some way to make anyone entering the cave a bit fearful and respectful, perhaps a curtain of green vines or lichen leading to a shadowy interior. Sleeping arrangements should be easy to arrange in Aolia where as I remember there is an abundance of soft plant life that makes an excellent nest. Any treasures you are brought by heroes should be displayed with a seemingly casual air, scattered about the floor in beams of sunlight or arranged in crevices on the walls. A bit of drama is usually in order as well so you might want to find some incense to burn in small amounts to give your lair a shaded, aromatic air.
            As I said before, do not give your assistance to any villager who wails to you from the top of the cliff but wait for the ones who attempt to climb down the cliffs to speak to you. If they get rather close and then fall, it is fine to catch them so that they will trust you and you will have someone to talk to as life on the cliffs, as peaceful as it is, can get rather boring.
            I sincerely hope that my advice will help you in your new life and that you will flourish as a wise, benevolent dragon.
            Your humble servant, mentor, and uncle,

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