Monday, July 2, 2012

Letter Six

My Dearest Nephew,
I noticed in the contents of your last letter to me that both of your uncles are giving you advice on where to make your lair in later years and what the best type of food for a dragon is. Let me put in the Eastern view of such things.
            In my time in the Eastern provinces of the world, I have noticed that the dragons there do not always move out of their parents’ cave when they are ready for the world, but simply stay and take over the cave when their parents pass away, as do their children if they have any. The ancestral home view has a very nice continuity to it but there is also something to be said for moving out of the cave when you are old enough to make your own views of the world at large. If you choose to take this route, let me give you some advice on which of the kingdoms in your region to choose.
            I hear that the coastal kingdom of Aolia has a nice range of cliffs, lots of caves there too. I would highly recommend such a place as a home. There are many advantages to a home in coastal regions and in the East they are prized almost as much as underwater lairs. Some of the advantages are as listed:
1. Though this is not required, a coastal lair provides a magnificent view and puts the dragon at peace I have found, something about the sea air and the view.
2. You will not get many visitors in a cave on the cliffs as they will be slick with sea spray and not suitable to move about on. Although one of our species’ primary duties is to answer the entreaties and questions of heroes, it does not do to assist any human that comes moaning to the cliff side. You must wait for such heroes as are courageous and clever enough to negotiate the rocks and find their way to your lair. Then and only then must you answer such questions and entreaties as he brings to you.
3. On the matter of food. A coastal region has an entire ocean full of fish close to claw, yet another reason to choose such a habitat. Also, if you choose to become a wise and benevolent dragon (a most noble path) then the heroes that make their way to your cave will bring offerings of food and often treasures and although hoarding is an occupation taken up by evil dragons such as the Westerners, it is wise to accept such gifts as they add a certain grandeur to one’s lair. If you take up residence in a coastal region, make it known in some way that your prefer mother-of-pearl, jade or emerald treasures as they work best in watery habitats.
Those three reasons should give you ample material to look over and decide whether you yourself would make such a place your home.
I mentioned food in my listed reasons, but not what types would be best, allow me to rectify the situation.
The best of foods would be a combination of meats and roasted fruits which make not only a magnificent aroma as well as being a satisfying. The meats best for such dishes are young lambs (be careful not to eat too many or your supply will run out) fowl of the air once plucked and ground fowl such as chickens. Fish usually make for a wholesome meal all on their own so don’t mix them in with the birds and lamb, horrible for the stomach.
Until my next letter I must say farewell.
Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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