Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letter Eleven

I have heard by way of Sanatath the Immense that you have moved out of your home and plan to move to a coastal region, where the best food is hanging from trees! Explain yourself Smok!
I have begun to realize that you have started going by the mentoring of that weedy bum Semethino, and your slimy uncle Scaligar, who does not deserve the rank of dung scraper. I am most displeased Smok, I thought you were rather intellectual, like me, but I can see that I was wrong if you have begun to take advice from the egotist Semithino and your uncle Scaligar the deranged!
I have also heard hat you have moved out of your home without even leaving a scratch on your parents, you foolish weakling! You should have burned them to crisps and taken their cave, you are 131 already, a dragon in the making; I killed my parents when I was only 112! I am ashamed to call you my nephew; now my reputation will be greatly marred by my colleagues realizing that I have a weak-minded idiot for my only nephew. If I had not lately taken a fall and fractured my left wing, I would fly over there and give you a piece of my mind, several, very sharp pieces in fact.
But you may still have hope, renounce your two uncles, who have led you astray, and flush their infectious garbage from your mind and fly back to your cave where you can kill your parents and take over their provinces. I will not have a pomegranate sucking fool for a nephew, I will not! I would even go as far as to say I’d rather have Barbung the Insolent as a nephew.
If you wish to become a feared dragon like me, with the humans defecating in their grubby pants, you must come back to the path of reason and wrath.
Your severely disappointed uncle,

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