Sunday, July 22, 2012

Explosion Prone Manticore Mass Escape:
48 hours ago there was a large scale escape from Kenny’s Institute for the Permanently Bespiked in which thirty brawny Manticores literally kicked down the door and proceeded to muscle their respective bulks into every open store and terrorize every moving being in the surrounding village of entwore including a severe case where a Shiatsu sprang up a chimney and an old lady was chased shrieking into a cauldron of treacle.
To make matters worse (MUCH worse) prior to their rampage the Manticores broke into the institute’s kitchen and raided the fridge and larder. Quite unfortunately for the townsfolk, the beasts found a still hot vat of chili along with several hundred pounds of sausage.
For most of the night the now gassy monsters terrified the surrounding towns and villages and filled the streets with hideous clouds of vapor that would take ten years off a man’s life if inhaled.
Fortunately this drastic situation was the next day stopped when a contingent of elves sporting protective masks from the Faery Corps subdued the deadly-in-unseen-ways Manticores and sent them packing with an armed escort back to the now renovating Institute.
So, a happy ending, of sorts:
The Faery Corps had to send in a squad of brownies with a giant vacuum to destroy the dissipated but still dangerous clouds of vaporous stench. Also the rueful military distributed gas masks to the victimized towns to defend them from the un-sucked clouds. Their budget will be feeling that for many a cycle, I can guaranty that.
Sleep well,
The Post 

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  1. I had a scary moment when I thought a chili, hot dog eating Manticore had snuck into my brothers room. It turned out to only be their socks.