Water Under the Bridge

Water Under the Bridge is a new collaborative project of ours. Similar to The Draconian Letters, it is a series of letters, this time involving a trio of trolls writing to Lout, a young troll-child who has shown remarkable differences to the others of his brood.

"Honest" Bingo Gobspit is a fully grown troll, a household contractor, and river pirate. He runs his raiding and building business from a mobile floating castle. He is not related to Lout, however he is a family friend and insistent that the aspiring troll take up his "uncle's" similarities.

Ferkil Gruntsnort is an old friend of Lout's family and lives under a bridge. His life is taken up by promptly eating most things that come across his path, alive or dead, attempting to master the twin arts of chemistry and cooking, and doing his best to ward off the Billy Goats Gruff hippy environmentalists.

Ferdy Snotdrop has been featured with the #1 hit single among the troll musical world a total of sixty-four times, with his band "Anonymous." Despite his fame, for some reason he lives a secluded life, and hardly anyone comes to visit. Thus, he has turned his attentions to Lout, a promising troll-child with quite the mischievous and adventurous side, in hopes to mentor him in the proper ways of mischief and mayhem.