The Draconian Letters

The Draconian Letters is our first major collaborative project, featuring three dragon uncles writing to their mutual nephew Smok about what to do in his life as a young dragon.

Scaligar is a sneaky sly western dragon who aspires to great legend and lives his life trying to appear as terrifying and wrathful as possible to the human population. He disagrees very much with his eastern relation Semithino about the "terrification" of the populace, and is constantly quarreling with him. He despises his brother Gargazath, who is bordering on insanity. His other brother, Rorfang, is Smok's father.

Gargazath is a raging violent western dragon who believes that the only way to live life is to wipe out the human populace, eat them, and hoard all their valuables. He is not known for his smartness or wit, and lives in the hoard repossession business, which is a fancy term for being a thief from other dragons' treasure piles. He is Rorfang and Scaligar's brother, and thus Smok's uncle. At the end of Book One, after a near-death experience, he becomes...well, if you've read it, you'll know.

Semithino is a mild-mannered eastern dragon whose sister Ilithia married Scaligar and Gargazath's brother Rorfang, Smok's father. He believes in collecting jade and incense, aiding worthy heroes and those in great need and being a source of Draconic wisdom and benevolent justice to the humans of the Province he rules over. He pities Gargazath's condition, but he has (sometimes violent) disagreements with Scaligar, and on several occasions the two have come claw-to-claw in combat.