Friday, July 27, 2012

Letter Twenty

From sources I shan’t reveal I have come upon the information that you have cut short your rampage, at a glance this is very unwise, no doubt you have been accepting the veiled undoing of your uncle Scaligar’s letters. You are being foolish, nephew, uncharacteristically foolish.
Or perhaps you have chickened out at the prospect of battling other dragons; this is completely unreasonable and idiotic seeing that Pentiriex is the only combatable dragon in that soft province, all the others are either stunted or constantly wasted. Bubolox the Bum is notoriously so, and Friggat the Basted has been sober not one since day since his cousin sent him that ale house on wheels.     
This in an insult to my mentoring; you should have continued to beat down upon the Aolia towns, and then fly to my provinces and terrorize those. I am greatly disappointed Smok, and you have even changed your name back to Smok, a most unflattering name of no great descent.
I will be writing to your uncles both, to express my wrath as well as I can in this mundane use of parchment, and maybe my overbearing greatness may turn their puny minds in my stead. You shall see Smok, rage and flat out terrification is the best remedy for anything and everything.
Hoping your parents are dead,
You’re Incredible, fearful, ferocious, terrible, fear inducing, omnipotent, clear minded, outspoken, infamous, wel speld, overbearing, clairvoyant, humble and modest uncle