Friday, August 10, 2012

Letter Twenty-Seven

My Dearest Nephew,
Word has reached my ears that you continue on your path as a Western dragon. While this is not so bad as your recent stint as a rampager, it is still a horrible way to live, making misery for the villages all around you. Your uncle Scaligar’s instruction on how to spread your name far and wide involves far too much bloodshed. It would be far better to make yourself known by way of some act of great kindness.
While I am on the subject of your uncle, I would like to say that I do not have powers of hypnosis and that I would like my missing journal back. Powers of hypnosis are far more common in the Southern regions as a matter of fact (I know this because I have had experience with such dragons) and not in the East, as your uncle has been leading you to believe. We Easterners rely mainly on our elemental powers, which stem from a pearl that we carry with us always.
It is strange now that I think about it that a dragon’s power flows from a stone more often than not. While the pearl of an Eastern dragon cannot be defined as a stone, it is close enough for my theory. Arcane dragons’ powers flow from a stone the type of which depending on the dragon in question while the will of Western and Northern dragons lies in a stone known as the dragon’s heart. A dragon cannot be truly killed unless its heart is destroyed and its soul will reside in the knight that attempts to kill them and will over time change said warrior into a dragon and take over his will. Any creature that holds this stone has complete and utter control over the dragon in every way.
Eastern and southern dragons’ force of will does not rely on a stone fortunately, yet another advantage of being one such creature.
Once again I must say that I would like my journal back and also warn both of your uncles that if they ever set foot in my cave again with the intent of stealing one of my possessions I will show them the true power of an Eastern dragon.
Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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