Sunday, August 12, 2012

Letter Thirty

My Dearest Nephew,
I hear that your partnership with Burgrath has ended. Thank heaven! That dragon would have been a horrible influence on you and if you had stayed in contatc with him you might never become a benevolent dragon as I am still hoping you will be some day. That scar he left you with should serve as reminder not to become involved with dragons such as him.
      On a rather more satisfying note, I have managed to convince your uncle Scaligar to return my journal. I am afraid that I was forced to resort to violent measures to do this and he will be recovering from our negotiations for a while as well as repairing his cave.
      Although it is nothing that concerns you yourself, at least not imeidately, I believe that your uncle Gargazath has contracted a disease known to us dragons as “Terminal Blagardazash”. It is a mind-numbing virus that works at a dragon’s concious thought centers until they are all but gone. What makes it even more dangerous is that our main source of information on this particular disease comes from a dragon who had been suffering from it for over thirty years before writing his notes on it. He was known as Bilbog the mentally unstable and potentially dangerous, but Murf to his friends of which their were two, three of which he had invented himself to keep himself company. 
Your uncle is in quite a bad position and I believe that our best course of action would be to get him to a secure facility before he does something serious.
      Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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