Thursday, August 16, 2012

Letter Thirty-Three

My Dearest Nephew,
I have just received the joyous news! You have finally changed your ways and become a benevolent dragon at long last. I have dreamed of this day for weeks now.
After your previous rampage and then your bit a malevolent dragon, it will not be easy to put yourself back in the good graces of both the townsfolk of the surrounding villages and the monarchs of Aolia. If you’re not careful there will be a price on your head before the day is out, if there is not one already thanks to your previous actions that is. It might be best to tell them all that you had been enchanted or perhaps black-mailed by another dragon into causing so much havoc, a little fibbing never did any townsfolk too much ill.
Now, about your lair. I apologize that I have not been able to mentor you all that well in the past few weeks, but I was concerned about your chosen profession at that time. A pool of water at the center of your cave would give a nice effect, but just plain water would not do it quite right. I would advise taking a few fairy lanterns and placing them at the bottom of the pool to create a glow emanating from the water. Failing that, mixing large amounts of flammable liquid into the water works wonderfully as not only does it shimmer with many different colors, but will be quite fantastic to look at when touched by flames. I have found that all visitors to my cave are shocked and amazed at this display of fire. Even though it is a stylish touch, such pools can create copious amounts of smoke, so find a way to filter the stuff out of your cave or you might die of smoke inhalation.
I have heard from a good friend of mine that incense pots hanging from the ceiling of one’s cave is all the rage nowadays so, you might want o try that.
On the subject of your uncle Gargazath. I have heard of no improvement in his case and several dragons from the Institute for the Prevention of Death by Draconian Disease are now watching him at all times to find an excuse to finally bring him in. they should not have to wait too long, knowing your uncle it’s a surprise really that he has managed to stay out of a mental institute of some sort or another for al these years.
Your humble and very pleased servant, mentor and uncle,

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