Monday, August 6, 2012

Letter Twenty-Four

My Dearest Nephew,
It seems that you have decided to follow your uncle Scaligar’s path even though you have only lately turned away from the way of the rampage. 
Whatever your uncle is telling you, tossing horses into villages and making your name feared throughout your region is most certainly not the true way of the dragon. After this bout of killing and destruction you will find it even harder to make yourself known as a benevolent dragon. 
I hear that your uncle Scaligar is advising you to join up with another dragon to spread your aura of death. While using the other dragon as an instrument of destruction is of course out of the question, joining up with another dragon might not be a bad idea. You must find a dragon of great wisdom or kindness in your region and perhaps seek to learn something from him or simply become his friend as you will need his help to repair the damage you have done in both your rampage and this new crusade of fear.
Morkane the wise might be a good choice. Not only is she full of wisdom that you might find useful, she has a vast array of mystical abilities. She is however not known to be an active dragon and might be only good as a source of good advice when it is needed. Even though she may not be able to personally help you with the reconstruction of the villages in Aolia, it may be wise to associate yourself with her as she has a very good reputation as a benevolent dragon.
My second suggestion would be Aradio the fierce. He is known to be a benevolent dragon and has his heart in the right place. He often helps the outlying villages of Aolia in times of need and is well liked by all the villagers. He is however, very proud and quick to anger at any slight to his honor so tread carefully around him.
Aside from those two, I have no suggestions as to which dragons you might find it in your best interests to become associated with. And so I will say farewell until my next letter and also implore you to stop this crusade of death and carnage.
Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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