Monday, May 20, 2013

Eleventh Riddling Derby

Salutations and Guten Tag, companions of the Blogosphere, and attendees of the Wyvern's Den. From what the Blog's archives pertain to, we haven't had a Riddling Derby since the calends of May. So I have seen fit to publish the eleventh installment in the puzzler series, and with that, I welcome you to the ELEVENTH RIDDLING DERBY!

Riddle No. 1: I have palms but not on hands, I offer foods from distant lands,When at my peak you'll see me smoke, I'm famous for my friendly folk, My flowers grow and yet they lay, There's fire where a man will play, I'm sure you know we're family, You're welcome to come stay with me.
What am I?

Riddle No. 2: I belong to you, but am used more by others. What am I?

Riddle No. 3: When I take off my clothes, it puts on it's clothes.
When I put on my clothes, it takes off it's clothes.

Riddle No. 4: I lack much reason, but often rhyme,
And require logic to pass the time,
To get the words to tell your kin,
Look for clues that lie within,
Though all are different, they act the same,
The answer is practically in the name.
What am I?

Riddle No. 5: What has wheels and flies, but is not an aircraft? (This is the most important riddle, as no one in the Tenth Derby figured it out)
 NOTICE: the Riddling Derby Result's will be published in twenty-four hours time, give or take. Thank you for reading.

Draconian Fun Fact: Scaligar sneaks off for a pedicure twice a month, Semithino monitors his nail clipping time, and then sells the rights to the local newspaper, and then Trubodox, having imbedded spies in all public news bureaus, blackmails Scaligar for the information.


  1. Riddle one: A beach?
    Riddle two: A name.
    Riddle three: A clothes hanger.
    Riddle four: Uh...

    And riddle five changed since the last one...before, it was "What has wheels and flies" and this one is "What has wheels and can fly". The answer to the first one would be a garbage truck, but it doesn't work with the second one.

    1. For the first one: If it's not a beach, then it's got to be Hawaii.

  2. Number 1: Hawaii. (and I didn't look at Hyper's before commenting)
    Number 4: A riddle.

  3. Ah! Why am I always missing these?! Am I too late? Meh. Here goes nothing...

    1. I agree with Angrod on the first one.
    2. Aaaaand I agree with Hyper on the second one.
    3. And I also agree with Hyper on the third one. Ugh. This is what I hate about getting here late.
    4. I agree with Angrod on the fourth...
    5. I know a riddle like this one, worded almost the same, but the way you have worded it makes it completely different. Did you mean the riddle: What has wheels and flies...?

  4. Yes, i did, a slight clerical error. i shall postpone the Derby's results another day so's you can re solve the final one. Its fixed now.