Sunday, May 5, 2013

Book Two Letter Ten

As of now, your true, objective, and un-tampered-with mentoring has begun. I have taken the liberty to sketch out a list of the goals of prospective aspiring Dragons.
1: Study the historical scrolls and manuscript at disposal at the Draconian Archives Library in Sandemar.
2: Begin physical workouts and exercise by my proscribed methods.
3: Start working on honing various skills, such as pinpoint fire breath sniper fire, flight maneuverability; tail lightning strikes and so on.
4: Begin a strict diet incorporating gluten free sheep, pre-milked cows, large bone and vertebrae for strengthening teeth and fangs, anti-Cottontooth medication, etc..
5: Map out prospective towns, villages, farms, etc., for practical testing of your raiding abilities.
6: Begin handwriting and grammar tutoring with Dragon such as my grand-uncle Diletrio the Poet, I, er, having passed over that particular skill in my younger years…Alright maybe I flunked it.
I have written several more pages of suggested courses and classes on invariable subjects but I think we will be well equipped for the moment with these first six aims.
The first aim, studying the scrolls and ancient histories of the Draconian world may be the most important objective, as it crucial to your later success to have a fortified knowledge of such things in your later years.
I have already checked out from the Sandemar Draconian Archives Library several well known documents incorporating some of the most celebrated historical figures, times and situations using my Library Access Scroll, and shall be sending them for you to study at your discretion.
Apart from that your most important aims are Objectives #2 and 3, which are equally crucial to your maturing Draconian nature. The ability to fire off pinpoint flame torpedoes at estimated spots of quickest burn time are very important to your reputation as a Westerner, even though you seem to be wavering towards Semithino’s bad example of benevolence.
This is preposterous. No Western Dragon will ever become, or even take on any of the traits of, an Easterner. NEVER! And you shall not pass!!...the word of my decree!
Upon another note, I have heard of late of Semithino’s predicament concerning his benign relative Remdrix the Mad, and his psychologically impaired acolytes. I have also been alerted, through sources that shall remain anonymous, that Scaligar is planning to travel to Semithino’s aid.
I am intrigued by this turn of events, I mean; Scaligar’s usually the depredating little cuss that he was conceived as. And now he is winging off to another’s aid, in unswerving show of benevolence. I’d swear I hadn’t taken my medication except I of course don’t take any. But according to my sources it seems that everything is true, and I am intrigued by this turn of…I already said that.
Well, I will not leave this uninvestigated. I plan to take an objective snoop around Semithino’s place. Just to see what Scaligar has planned to do with Remdrix and his brood.
Concerning matters more a ways towards my area, I have lately taken on a Basilisk house keeper. He is quite good; he positively kills the dust at a glance. And he is in the polyped class of Basilisk, and so he uses his many legs in an industrious cleaning frenzy. I’ve never seen ceilings dusted in 4.7 seconds, and the bathroom’s never looked cleaner, though I think he had to break out the acid to clean the throne. Funny, it’s white now, I always though it was made out of black marble.
On an exciting note I have recently received another letter concerning the secret council. This new letter informed me that we would be operating under the same protocol as the last time, so to keep the council’s location secret. It also disclosed the information that they have discovered a plot of invasion through the Western Wiles, a small channel leading into the Western continent that is covered by a thick growth of brush, trees and ivy, perfect cover for an invasion.
I am anticipating the council with bated breath. Although I must warn you once again that you must tell none of your uncle about this crisis, or any other Dragon you know. It must be kept secret until we flush out the invasion, if there is one.
I hear you have started a diary; interesting. It may be well time for you to document down your adventures and thoughts. Perhaps publish it into a memoir in your later years. Yes, an intriguing idea, I approve highly. I bet none of your uncles know yet. I’m just that clairvoyant.
Your observant uncle,
Trubodox the Scarlet


  1. Another council? I wonder how long it'll be before Scaligar, Seminotho, and Trubodox realize that they're all at these meetings and that said meetings are definitely some kind of trap?

    And I also wonder how this'll turn out, with Scaligar and Trubodox both going to Seminotho's home . . .

    Awesome as always! Thanks for posting these!

    1. Heehee. And who is behind the council meetings, too?

      Thanks for reading!