Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weekend Disaster Post

Muffin Man Rampage:  Early this morning in the town involving the well-known lane named Drury disaster struck, as it is prone to do in one literary installment named as such. 
 The Muffin Man, historically known as the intrepid inventor capable of creating living matter from high calorie cookie dough showed his true colors.
His first offense came when he covered the whole lane in a whole wheat barrage of cookie batter cannon balls capable of breaking through strengthened glass and creating abscessed teeth.
Upon his conquest of Drury Lane, he went on to attack the next few streets, with the help of an army of Gingerbread Men minions who while conquering with vigor shouted out quite frequently loud similes mainly involving words such as "the ketchup was framed!", "we need the dough" and "Excess frosting! excess Frosting!".
Using his superior strategic abilities, several ready-set booby  traps and his hoards of poetry-prone acolytes The Muffin man soon conquered two-thirds of the town, and the surviving numbers attempted to barricade themselves in an eating house.
they would have surely not prevailed more than a few minutes had not the brave and well-payed Myth Police arrived to stop the debacle.
they managed to beat back the Muffin Man's forces using several natural food derived acids that instantly vaporized any unhealthy substance it came into contact with, and they soon had institutionalized the remaining Gingerbread Men  in several psych wards and had safely incarcerated the Muffin Man in prison.
All's swell that and swell!
Until the next concoctions of reasonable literary accuracy!
-Z Third personality of Baner 

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