Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fifth Weekly Riddling Derby

Welcome back, loyal followers! And thank you for your many contributions to this blog once more! I think for once we won't go through the rules, as everyone knows them already and my digits are getting rather sore from hammering them out, ye ken? Alright, lets get to the point of the Fifth Weekly Riddling Derby. I think I've found some riddles that might take awhile to solve, though a certain follower seems to be unnaturally in tune with my best riddles. Enjoy!

Riddle One: My first is in FLOWER and in ROSE
My second is in FORK and well as HOSE
My third is in CROCUS but not in GNOME
My fourth is in RAKE never in HOME
My fifth is in HOE and also in WEEDS
My sixth is in SHEARS though not in SEEDS
My seventh is in LADYBIRD not in CREATURE
What am I?

Riddle Two: What is something to everybody and nothing to everyone else?


  1. Yikes! These are really good ones! Ummmm...*steam rises from head* I really can't figure out the first one...but I'm pretty sure the second one is your mind.

    And just an idea for more riddles! Brian Jacques has some really good ones in his Redwall books. Seeing as I know those already, I'll skip out if you do them, but I think it would be fun :)

  2. I'm sorry. but the rules clearly state (they don't but they should) that you must post both answers in the same comment. I won't say whether your right or wrong, for that would be exploitation of child labor (mine to be precise).
    And thanks Tasia for the Redwall idea. I am a fierce defender and advocate of his books and I am still in morning for his death.

    1. You're welcome! I know! :( That was so sad! He was such a good author. I still keep thinking, "There'll be another book next year!!!" and then I remember he's gone :( *sniff* Too bad he didn't write anymore in the Castaways of the Flying Dutchman...but it did end well.

  3. I know, I keep thinking he'll wright another one too. I loved the Dutchman series, especially the first and second one, the last one was kind of dark but I still loved them. Its nice to know someone who is in tune with things of this importance.