Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Letter Fifty

Exalt, all ye peoples. for with me I bring the latest letter in the Saga Draconi. 


My Dearest Nephew,
Firstly I would like to say that I am very much in agreement with your choice of writing the authorities with your uncle Gargazath’s whereabouts. If he had not been found and dragged out of that tavern and back to the sanatorium, who knows what mischief he might have gotten up to? It is such a shame, really, that he turned out like this. He had so much potential as a younger dragon, all of it wasted. But let us not talk of such disappointments as these. Your uncle’s fate is one I would wish on no other for it is a tragic one. I shall not tell you the whole tale for I still feel pain at the recounting upon remembering the fine creature your uncle once was.
            On another subject, I lately was involved in my first real fight since the war with the Drakes. I had forgotten what it felt like to battle with another dragon, the exhilaration and the fear of it all is all but overwhelming at times. Of course, being an Eastern dragon, my Elemental Pearl gave me something of an advantage, and I suppose that it was not quite fair to use it quite as often as I did in the battle with your uncle Scaligar, but it had been so long since my last fight, I could not resist to stretch my wings so to speak. I promise not to use my Pearl so much in the coming fight with your uncle though I might have to use it defensively if the trebuchets he has built on the hill bordering my territory are anything to go by. But I am getting ahead of myself. From what you have told me in past letters, your uncle Scaligar has already recounted the thrilling tale of our battle, but I myself would like to give a recounting as well lest the story be mangled.
            As you have told me in one of your latest letters, our uncle Scaligar started off quite truthfully in his storytelling. I did indeed ice the landing area above my cave leading to the river and he did indeed go skidding nearly into the roaring torrent. Also, he did manage to bring himself up before heading straight into the waters, which I must confess brought me some disappointment as I watched from the mouth of my cave. The next few moments were something of a blur to me I confess. My Elemental Pearl has the power to manipulate a vast array of the Elements as suggested by its title and I do believe that I managed to use almost every one of them on your uncle in that first battle.
            Once I had closed him up in the ground (and in point of fact, I kept him there for only one day, not three as he stipulated in a letter to you) I fought with him more in the traditional manner of us dragons and I am proud to tell you that I did not do all that badly in the fight despite my years as a benevolent dragon. Your uncle Scaligar I must say is something of a fighter and I took my share of bumps and bruises from the battle, but I eventually managed to send him back away from my cave where he now sits behind the crest of a hill, building his war machines and tissue boxes and preparing for the coming battle. I to am preparing for it and rather enjoying the feeling of being at pitched war with my relatives. Again.
            Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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