Friday, December 28, 2012

Letter Fifty-Five

Dear Smok,
It has become apparent to me that I have much to explain regarding late events. Apparently for the last few years I have been going under the alternate alias and psych of Gargazath. This has come as a great shock to me, as my true name is Trubodox, and I am in no ways connected to any lineage involving the title Gargazath. All I can remember before being overwhelmed by my schizophrenic counterpart was a point of time where I was highly depressed, my life was in ruins, and I became over time what apparently is the alternate personality of Gargazath.

            And then I woke up here and now, which happened to be several feet under the ocean, which seems to have been the cause of my consciousness surfacing, although it also could have been due to the bag of questionably legal black powder my brother Scaligar threw into my sensitive lugs (a most undesirable fate).

            My current theory as to why the strange figure of Gargazath surfaced in my mind was caused by that state of intense self pity I went through years earlier, where I must have went completely over the edge and became Gargazath, at least that’s my theory, I have consulted several Draconic psychologists and their ideas are varied to say the least, some spout nonsense about a rare jellyfish that I must have ingested, and others insist that I was faking to get insurance money (that was when I left the consulting room).

            But I swear to you that I am indeed your uncle, though not by name called Gargazath (indeed a title I shall research with vigor), but with the eternal title of Trubodox the Scarlet. Forgive me if I have been rude or unjust in my alternate personality, and be in no little doubt that I shall go to great ends to ensure that I am cleared of the name Gargazath of the Questionable Cranial Maintenance.

            Indeed, it has come upon my ears that I have been exceedingly rude to my dear brother-in-law Semithino, I am much troubled by this course of events, and I have sent several missives to him explaining the mishap. I say again I am sincerely sorry if I have in any way insulted you in the course of my insane counterpart’s rain over my mind.

            I am sure this has come as a great shock to you, but it is nothing compared to some of my friends reactions when I went calling to explain. Indeed my cousin Perinox the Keen-eyed almost collapsed from heart failure when I told him all, indeed he said that I had not once not passed wind as I entered his homestead, most aggravating to him, and me, I must say.

            I must go now my dear nephew, for I have much more explaining to do, and also I must take Scaligar to the hospital now, it seems he fainted dead away when I explained my recovered condition, I have been cordial to him, though I confess there is no love lost between us.

            Farewell Smok, I shall be anxious for your reply, from what I hear, you have become quite the adult, admirable, I am very proud of you, though the last I saw of you I could hold you in but one foreclaw, ah, memories, how nice it is to remember the old days, though I am thankful I will not have to remember my antics as Gargazath, I shudder to think what might have happened if I continued as hymm him.

            Your thoroughly bewildered uncle
            Trubodox the Scarlet

P.S. Is it really true that I was institutionalized?


  1. Thank you Hyperlinkzer, it took the Personality De Baner quite a spell to properly concoct this tumultuous plot twist, wait until we start Book Two.