Monday, December 24, 2012

Letter Fifty-Three

My Dearest Nephew,

Firstly, allow me to offer my congratulations to you on your defeat of the Rogues. Your Strategy from what I have heard from reliable sources in the area was a brilliant one. Though the details that have reached my ears are a might hazy, it sounds as though you fashioned your plan as a combination of my plan and that of your uncle Scaligar. Pay no attention to your uncle’s verbal attack on your choice to not poison the river running into the Rogues’ hideout, to do such a thing would have been a truly callous move and I am overjoyed, for the sake of your soul, that you did not make this move.
            However, I must agree with your uncle that Pelicor the Mastermind will most likely become a problem in the near future. Having escaped the battle, he will be even more wary than usual and he will know the way you attack. He will also be humiliated at his near defeat by one so many years younger than him a you and a dragon such as Pelicor in a state of humiliation is nothing like a favorable state of affairs. Be wary of him, Nephew, for he will inevitably attempt to take his revenge at some point in the future.

            On the subject of the battle I can report little. Your uncle Scaligar still waits to the West of my home, building his assault weapons and brooding. I do believe that it is high time I flew over there and started the battle myself lest we sit here till the winter comes. Once again I must ask you not to tell your uncle of this as it might spoil the entire thing.

            On the subject of your uncle Gargazath, I must confess I am rather worried. Being a rather large dragon and one who has a known his share of violent situations, I feel he might find it within his abilities to overpower the guards escorting him to see Hurdek the Physician. This would be, in simple terms, very bad. Given my brother-in-law’s lack of mental stability, he could cause chaos out in the open world. I am not sure what I could do save for write to the guards at the sanatorium and advise them to take the utmost care when escorting Gargazath to Hurdek’s territory.

            I have looked over what you have told me your uncle Scaligar said regarding the ways of both my Eastern brothers, and me. Though I do not really feel the need to defend myself against his verbal attacks, I do feel that you might profit from a lesson in the ways of the dragons of the East.

            Firstly, on the subject of why we Easterners do not invade the West and use the influence over the world bestowed upon us by our Elemental Pearls to send them into exile. Before I give the real answer to this question, you must know that not all of the dragons in the East have such Elemental weapons as my race does. For example, Megarennige, the ruling power to the Northwest of my Province has no ability to manipulate the elements, but relies on rather more sophisticated and difficult arts of magic. Orivanda of Florenta also knows no power over the elements although she is by no means powerless. The Elemental Pearls are a rare gift and must be made by the user of a great period of years and are therefore very rare.

            Most Easterners do without the Elemental Pearls unlike most dragons and humans seem to think.

            Now, back to the subject broached by your Serpentine uncle.

            The reason we Easterners who carry the Pearls, along with all of us others who do not carry such instruments, do not lay waste to the Western lands and exile the Western scourges such as your uncle Scaligar by force is that we are by nature a peaceful race. We defend our homes when we need to and even go so far as to take part in a war when we see that the need is great enough and the evil being battled is terrible enough. We spend our lives in prayer for the most part and in helping worthy heroes and those in great need. When we fight we are powerful forces, but the Elemental Pearls are weapons with terrible power that is not to be abused. The consequences of doing so are always dire and often fatal.

            Your uncle Scaligar and indeed your uncle Gargazath would never understand such a life. I have no doubt that, if given a Pearl of the Elements that they would abuse the power greatly and use it to bring about schemes of such terrible evil as only their depraved minds could concoct. No wait, I exaggerate. Your uncle Scaligar would do this; your uncle Gargazath in his current state would no doubt simply use the Pearl to create elemental butterflies and other such fanciful things.

I hope that this letter has answered a few questions and helped you along your way to wisdom. Now I am off to end this battle with your uncle. Again, tell him nothing in your letter.

Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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