Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letter Fifty-Six

My Dearest Nephew,

First off, allow me to apologize for the slight lie I told you in my latest letter. I told you that all I would only alert the dragons escorting your uncle Gargazath to Hurdek’s home to the danger they would be I along their journey. While I did indeed do this, I also followed the escort at a distance and watch on to see what might come to pass.
            I apologize once more for keeping you in the dark on this subject, but I feared that you might let something slip in a letter to your uncle Scaligar and he would ruin all as he is won’t to do. I watched the escort for most of their journey and nothing seemed to be going wrong. However, I was saddened to see how deeply your uncle Gargazath has sunken into his madness.
            When the group of dragons was in sight of the coast of Hurdek’s home however, your uncle Scaligar suddenly appeared from the West laden with packages filled with I knew not what. He waylaid the escort and attacked his brother with Dragonfire and the packages of what turned out to be the black explosive powder made in the West of my coastal home.
            I watched all of this from a distance so as not to be observed and could not reach the place of the attack in time to save Gargazath. By the time I arrived in the place from whence he had fallen into the seas, he had already sunk too far below the waves for me to retrieve him.
            Your uncle Scaligar had already fled and the dragons who had been escorting Gargazath on his journey pursued him across the skies to the West.
            As I watched your uncle Gargazath sink through the water, I thought to myself that it might be the most merciful fate for him in his present state. I quick death would be better than a life of incessant, unending madness.
            I began my journey home then but I had not gotten far when I heard the sea boiling beneath me. I turned and watched as Trubodox the Scarlet rose from the seas in all his former glory.
            I gather from what you have told me of your uncle Trubodox’s latest letter to you that he has by some miracle been cured of his madness by just the right combination of Dragonfire and explosive powder. My feelings of late on this subject are befuddled in a word. I knew Trubodox as  brother-in-law for hardly a measurable time at all. As your uncle Scaligar has said, the happy marriage of his brother Rorfang to your mother pushed Trubodox over the brink of his growing insanity which had been fed by his failure during the Dragonhunt. Thus, it was not long after I met your uncle Trubodox that he was consumed by Terminal Bligardazash and became his alternate, violent and butterfly-consumed personality, Gargazath.
            As I hardly knew him before this point in his life, I merely thought that it was how he had always been. The madness of Trubodox must have been painful for your uncle Scaligar. Watching on as his once great brother sank into utter madness must have been like watching someone bake a succulent chocolate cake and then icing it with Zucchini sauce.
            On another subject that I thought might be important for you to know, I have observed restless stirrings in the East around the area of my Province. Reliable friends in surrounding areas report that they too have noticed the agitation of Dragons of late. To the North also the Storm and Ice Dragons are stirring.
            The Dragons of the four points are stirring, a shadow descends over us all. Unrest rises against the other Dragons of our world. I have seen such times once before when the Dragons of the compass points grew tired of the Drakes and waged war on their kind, finally battling them on the plains to the South and confining them to the Isle of Bootjaw.
            Prepare yourself for a storm, nephew, for one is coming.

            Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,


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