Saturday, November 3, 2012

Letter Forty-Three

Guess what nephew nevue of mine? I have a plan to escape ezgap! And it is such a devious deeveeus plan that I forgot it three times then had to write on the wall using am amazed emayzzed at my own genius jiniuzz. You should be taking takkang notes.
But I’ve said too much.
Well, on yaonn to the plan. What I’m going to do; mwahahahahahaha! is this.
But I’ve said too much.
I’m going to collapse golapzze in my cell, yell to the guards that I’m clearly glurrlie dead, and then wait until the layman laimann come and heave me out of the accursed aggurzde asylum. But then, I’m going to tell them thummg that dead guys always need a bathroom buthrumm break, and so they’ll take me back in, and then I’ll wake up, smash their heads together togothurr and run away, Probably probliie to preach to the world of the nine great wonders vundegrsxd.
But I’ve said way too much.
Oh, and by the way, have you ever heard of a dragon druggin named Igthor of the Expensive Dental Work? Because bekuzzes he’s in the next cell over and he seems undecided yundizidud whether or not I’m his son zunh. Oh, and he also cleans his dentures dantures daily in a pool of something that casts off a stench that turned several of my wing scales gray.
Your awesome, powerful, all powerful, power draining, Insane up to a point not seen since Barbung tried to steal his own underwear(The guards put that there. Ill-informed clap-trap. They all forget that I was trying to steal his undergarments I was preaching in churches at the time) Incredible, fearful, ferocious, terrible, fear inducing, brain warping, flittering, fluttering, buzzing, omnipotent, clear minded, outspoken, infamous, wel speld, overbearing, great, clairvoyant, humble and modest uncle