Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Announcement: New Template

Readers of the blog, in case you are blind (in which case you would not be able to read any of this and why the ruddy heck are you on this blog anyway?!), we have lately changed the template of Iron Wyvern.
Please comment saying whether or not you like the new design of the blog. That will be it for now, expect the next installment in the Draconian Letters series soon. Ta-Ta for now folks.


  1. Are you writing a book? And yes, I like the template

  2. We are in the process of several projects which will hopefully become books. We plan to publish the Draconian Letters once we are finished writing them.

  3. I like the colors, but the background picture doesn't really match the theme of the posts. I think a more ruddy background would match better.

    1. Well, we the constructors of this forum thought it looked like 'writing by candle light',and a secondary reason was that the later background looked a little melancholy.

  4. I agree with HyperLinkzer about the background and I also feel that the text for Iron Wyvern and the motto in Irish below are far to ornate.

  5. As I have said before to Hyper, we the threesome creators of this extensive materialization of literary matter think that our prior background and template, along with the script constructing the blog's name were a bit to drab and bereft for comment, hence the change.
    and, to rebuff your accusations, my beloved older sister, we think that this template is much better for our writing, the letters look more like letters; the cursive title script give an insight to the afore mentioned letters, and the candle gives off the subtle odor of 'writing by candle light', as I said before.