Monday, November 26, 2012

Announcement: Six Months Of Dragons

Soon, very soon, dear readership, the Draconian Letters will be up to no less than FIFTY letters! In just six months this project has boomed with success. I (the "J" part of "JTZ") would like to thank T and Z for co-authoring this project with me. Yay, confetti, glitter, firecrackers, cake! Tell them how much you love them in the comments.

I would also like to thank the readership of this blog (and I mean you) for supporting us through SIX WHOLE MONTHS of Draconian Letters, and slogging through our terrible writing. I know the storyline probably stinks when you read it, and it gives you a headache to get through Scaligar's long-winded sentences and Gargazath's fantastically awesome misspelled words, and Semithino's rants about eating potatoes instead of humans. But you guys are the battery which keeps us going, like the pink Duracell bunny with the drums (at least I think it's Duracell, correct me if I'm wrong). You guys are like the biggest electricity outlet ever, and we've been plugged in for six months, feeding our laptops on pure creativity. (I know, I messed up my metaphor from batteries to an outlet, but who cares?) The point is, you guys are awesome, and extremely helpful. We bloggers appreciate the warm welcome we've received in the Outer Rim of the Galaxy...wait, I mean Blogosphere. Isn't that what it's called?

And also guys, don't forget to mark it on your calendars, December 22nd will be "Old Template Day" in which we will, for a span of approximately 24 hours, change our blog back to the original old parchment look from the very beginning. Till the next letter!

-J (47,823 words in National Novel Writing Month 2012)


  1. Wait...did I hear you say "terrible writing'?! O.O Sacrilege!!! ;) I really like the old parchment look :) Thank you so much for writing these. They're hilarious and I always enjoy reading them.

    1.'s been double posting my comments for a while now. Musht look into it...

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  3. It's Energizer. :P I really enjoy reading the letters.

  4. Thank you, your encouragements are noted and greatly appreciated. by the way, this is Z, third personality of the triple psyched Baner phantom.

  5. Totally awesome can't wait to read more