Sunday, July 20, 2014

What We Do in Our Spare Time - Stick shift, wizard, cake

1 A red stick shift
2 A wizard
3 And a piece of cake

Arnold swerved The Wizard around the bend, whizzing past a Maserati and into the main pack. As the track began to curve a sleek Thunderbird turned broadside on to Arnold’s car.
          Anticipating the ram, Arnold wrenched the red stick shift backwards and a blast of flame from his exhaust pipe propelled him forward, while the Thunderbird swerved off the track and onto the grassy shoulder.
          The stands erupted for Arnold as his spurt of speed sent him flying into the front runners. But the race wasn't over yet, that flame propulsion had been meant for the final lap, and there was still two to go.
          The leading car, a black Ferrari with a long stripe across its top, obviously spotted The Wizard coming up fast. Lunging ahead into open track, it spun in a tight circle and shot a massive pie from a large gun that had appeared atop it chassis.
          Arnold swerved but a piece of cake clipped his rear fender sending The Wizard into a tailspin. No one shoots pie at my car! Arnold raged. Breaking and locking his tires, he flicked a switch, sending a bungee cord out to lock onto the Ferrari’s trunk. Gunning the engine, Arnold sped around the final lap, releasing the bungee cord just as he shot past the Ferrari and The Wizard wheeled triumphantly across the finish line.

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