Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Riddling Derby #5 of 2014!

Welcome to the 5th Riddling Derby of 2014! That's if you count the Ogre Riddling Derby.
For all newcomers, here's how it goes:

A. I will give you three riddles to solve. Each is worth one point if you get it right.
B. This round, I'll give a special bonus riddle that's worth two. It'll be extra hard though.
C. Down at the bottom, I'll give three facts about all the dragons writing The Draconian Letters.
D. Comment with your answers to the riddles below. Whoever gets the most points wins and is commemorated in the Hall of Riddlers.

All right, let's start!


Mom and Dad have four daughters, and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the family?


You have six black socks, four brown socks, 8 white socks, and 2 tan socks, all in a drawer in the dark. How many do you have to pull out to know that you have two of at least one color?


Why can't Kevin Smith, who is living in Canada, be buried in the U.S.A.?


What do the numbers 1961 and 6009 have in common (other than that they're both odd numbers)?

Draconian facts:

Scaligar is becoming prison buddies with a mean Eastern criminal with an obsession for poached eggs. He can get some while on kitchen duty, so he uses this leverage to trade for smuggled shovels.

Trubodox has no idea about the tunnel underneath Scaligar's bunk, or the shovels at the bottom.

Semithino's beach bumming is funded by Morflix. He saved the other dragon from a pack of drakes with thermal vision goggles a few years ago; Morflix kept up a fund in case Semithino needed help later.


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    1. Hey, we removed your comment to keep the answers hidden in case other contestants view the comments, but we got your answers. Good job and thanks for commenting!

    2. Yep! I wasn't sure how to hide anything, so I hoped you would be able to do something with it. :)

  2. 1. Seven—Mom, Dad, four daughters, one brother.
    2. Two, after you've turned the lights on.
    3. Because Kevin Smith is still alive.
    Bonus. Flip them upside down and they're still the same.