Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Sunday Fiasco

Wyvern’s Migration Goose is Cooked: In the early hours of the day hitherto known as Sunday, but after which called the Deceased, a fiasco like none other recorded shattered, smashed and rampaged the quiet province of Bombay; the well known coastal town characterized by its lovely tropical black sand beaches, its sinister bubbling volcano, and the annual spectacle of the Wyvern Rush, the manifested bulk of the Wyvernical populace and its travel from the cold northern mountains to the slightly damp Yovian hillsides.
            The fuse for the fiasco was lit as fiascoes often are with an addled Eastern cartographer, who mistook a Sludge stain on his new migratory trajectories map to be the main line of geese migration that year.
            Escalating the fiasco further, the cartographer hastened to I.P. (Instant Pearl) the Great Honker of the geese herds to make sure he understood the wiles of changing his main flight path so drastically, as it coincided directly with the migratory path of the Wyverns, directly above Bombay.
            Thinking this a great idea, having not discovered the benefits of a second opinion, his Supreme Honkitonk changed his charts to match the Easterners, and continued on with his day.
            All of these stunning facts are news to everyone, but the next and finalizing chapter of the fiasco we all know slightly better thanks to the cursed convenient NEWS Pearl and Crystal apps.
            Crowds quickly congregated on the shady beaches of Bombay to witness the spectacle fo the Wyvern Rush. As the first crowd of V-formation Wyverns glided over (singing their famous ‘Icicles and Refrigerated Stalactites’ Migration Chorus), the fiasco seemed to have been averted. But as the main crowd rushed overhead, a sinister quack and the flapping of many wings sounded the bell of renewed fiasco…ness.
            Perfectly timed as any fiasco could be; the brunt V formation of migrating geese crashed into the main W formation of migration Wyverns.
            The air soon became a battlefield, dissolving into Chase the Big Pigeons, and Fly Quacking from the Mean Dragons. Geese fell like confetti from the skies, and Wyverns dove like maddened fishers.
Unfortunately, the fiasco was only beginning, which is convenient, but gives us more stuff to write about, and makes a smashing fiasco.
            One of the aforementioned falling geese, toppled in a diagonal course surmounted with a sort of spinning flop, which landed it straight into the famous Bombay volcano, Mt. Cornelius, well known for its tendency not to erupt, and a slightly smoking crater.
            Unfortunately, volcanoes don’t like geese jumping on them, and it presently erupted, sending a massive lava flow down the mountain towards the crowded streets, and several flaming meteors toward the traffic jammed skies.
            Fortunately, the conflagrating fiascoes helped to avert one another, as several of the Wyverns thought they had it in them to become X-treme Fire Swallowers, and while flaming Wyverns flew to and fro to stop the blaze, the geese did overhead flights to help douse the flames using their own ‘personal’ anti-fire capabilities.
            Bombay was saved! With the help of two unusual allies, it had prevailed, which just goes to show that our paper is better than those $#&^$@ apps because fiascoes sometimes help out other fiascoes as fiascoes often time hide a better fiasco within another fiasco.
            Until our next report,

            The Post 
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