Sunday, August 17, 2014

What We Do In Our Spare Time #5

1. The starship Enterprise
2. The colosseum
3. And a lightning strike

"Take us through the black hole, Mr. Spork!" cried Captain Kirp of the starship Enterprise. "Yes sir," said the Vulcan solemnly, motioning to the bridge officers. Soon the spaceship was flung forward as the warp core engaged shakily. Through the swirling vortex they spun, and suddenly they reinstated themselves into reality above a massive jumbled city, not unlike ancient Rome.
    "We need a landing area fast!" Scottius' voice blared over the intercom. "We kinda gave it little more then she's got!" Kirp cursed, then scanned the city below, barely taking in anything before he spotted salvation.
    "Down there, that big round area like a football stadium, looks like the colosseum! Its probably some sort of tourist attraction, land there before the ship falls apart!" "Captain, I do not think that is wise---" Spork suggested uneasily. But they were already dropping in a  crash landing towards the replica of the colosseum.
    As the dust settled, Kirp saw three figures approaching them, brandishing several adverse and pointy weapons. "Hmmm, you may be right about that colosseum theory, Spork," he muttered, watching the gladiators getting closer.
    "Well then, there's nothing to be done other than to activate the Omega Thirteen!!!!!" nothing happened. "Wrong movie sir," added Spork. "Well then, all we can hope for now is a lightning strike!" muttered Kirp, leaning back in his command chair, thoroughly miffed. In a split second, an enormous bolt of electricity crashed into the sand floor outside the window, incinerating all attackers present, and turning the colosseum floor to glass. "I RULE!" edjaculated Kirp. "Now, uh, Mr. Lulu, find us another black hole."

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