Thursday, August 21, 2014

2014 Riddling Derby No. 6!

Welcome one, two, and all! And welcome (again) back to our sporadic schedule! Today we'll be posting the newest Riddling 
Derby of the year, which will involve the usual rules.
1. No biting or scratching.
2. No use of obscene Vulcan hand gestures are allowed.
3. We will post four riddles of the usual difficulty.
4. Firearms, sharp miscellaneous objects and hypnotist chinchillas are banned from this event.
5. Write your answers in the comment box and await the RDRP: Rejuvenating Dip in a Radioactive Pond, or the Riddling Derby Results Post, for the announcement of the Riddling Champion.
6. One point will be awarded for each correctly solved riddle, if two contestants are tied, a bonus riddle of apex difficulty shall be unveiled.
7. Your comments shall vanish upon publishing so to not give hints to other riddlers, and will appear shortly before the RDRP, which will be posted on 8/24/14.
Now, shall we sing the Wyvern's Den Blogical Anthem?
No, let's get into it.

Riddle #1: Bind me and I walk, loose me and I am still.
What am I?

Riddle #2: A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter, and twelve remains.What is it?

Riddle #3: With thieves I consort, with the vilest, in short, I'm quite at ease with depravity. Yet all divines use me, and savants can't loose me, for I am the center of gravity.

Riddle #4: What kind of tree can you carry in your hand?

Read, contemplate, frustrate, have meltdown, go to rehab, recover, solve, comment.

Draconian Fun Facts:

Scaligar takes vacations in vacationing dragons' caves. Semithino blocks in the cave mouth. And Trubodox stays home and fashions potpourri from the skulls of his vanquished enemies.


  1. 1. Sandal
    3. The letter V
    4. A palm tree

  2. 1. Two options: Shoelaces or sandals.
    2. Dozens.
    3. The letter V.
    4. A palm tree.
    And I claim my extra point from the last Riddling Derby.