Friday, August 1, 2014

Weekend Disaster Post - Shellfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome, one and all, to Iron Wyvern! Enjoy this short Weekend Disaster Post. More Draconian Letters will be coming soon as we get ready to wrap up Book Two.


Just a day ago, the shores of the entire world were flooded with a sudden torrent of clams, oysters, crabs, lobsters, and other assorted shellfish. No one knows why or how they managed such a feat, but it appears that the entire ocean has heaved its shellfish onto land.
Viewers gathered through the hours of the day, staring in awe at the great tide of shellfish washing ashore.
The lobsters seemed to be organizing the rest into orderly ranks, handing out protest signs and watterbottles to anyone who requested them. We still have no clue what they're protesting, because as soon as they got the protest signs, the shellfish all turned the other way. It is impossible to get past their ranks and out to the ocean to see what in the world the signs are saying, but it appears that they are protesting against the rest of the sealife for casting them out of the ocean.
A group of reporters tried to get close just an hour ago, but the crabs appear to be acting as bouncers to unwanted guests. A group of the biggest, meanest ones started chasing sideways after them, snapping their claws, and even got a journalist on the buttocks.
The governments of the world have issued several warnings not to approach the strange newcomers and their protest signs. Trade has completely stopped worldwide; harbors are blockaded. All normally seafaring countries or islands are now landlocked.
More updates as we get them,

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