Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Wizard of Oz..zi

Who here has written fan fiction? I've never done it before, but this snippet of a story wouldn't break from that, as its really another possible version of a story, not something in the exact same story. 
I wrote this awhile ago, as a new take on the classic Wizard of Oz, where the first person to visit Oz gleans a strange magic from that place which she names after herself...
And so, (please) read on and (please) enjoy what I'm calling for now (please)The Wizard of Ozzi.
The winds whistled around Gale. Emulating her name in a scream of primal power, it flung a funneling gust twisting about her. Rising from the ground, Gale raised her arms and the wind formed below her into a great tapering current like tapering, twisting smoke.
The Constant stars gleaming above flickered and flashed as the twirling tempest coursed through them, twisting ever about the form of Gale. Now she rose even higher, her hair floating around her like gravity had forgotten it
Slowly lowering her hands, the twister telescoped open above her, swirling around her in a wide rim with her at the epicenter. Now the eye of her storm, Gale was in full control. Reaching down her arm, Gale stroked the air, and as if strung to her intentions, a writhing tempest leaped from the vortex below and; changing as it went, hovered to its mistress’ side.
Flickering and rippling like a face underwater, the wind creature extended a tongue shaped like a fingering draft and licked her hand, which to Gale felt like being licked by a cloud.
A sudden draught of power adrenalized Gale Ozzi, and a laugh slipped from her mouth.

And, as the twister below her began to spin fast and faster, Gale looked down at her loyally drifting dust devil. “Come on, Zephyr, there’s no place like home.”

Prelude to The Oz Zone

Book One of The Wizard Of Ozzi


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