Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Week of the Dragon

The New Year is nigh! 2014 has come under order without a fault, safety catches off, and the year is on! Draconian Letters will be posted tomorrow with full accommodations for the three unstable brethren, Scaligar, Semithino, and Trubodox.
As a new for the blog, we are starting a posting wherein a single week is exclusively retained to a single subject, for example; the first week of the year is the Week of the Dragon, involving solely  
Draconian posts, disaster watches, Draconian Letters, secret treasure hoard files, flight manual guides, everything you want on Dragons for seven days, nothing else.
Of course, these weeks shall not be 4 times a month, 48 durations a year, no, the novelty would wear off far to quickly. We shall jump them on the blog every month or two, just to spice up the posts for the month.

Draconian Fun Fact:
Trubodox grabs a midnight snack from his neighbors his sleep; Scaligar likes a fresh morning walk in the deepest woods, and Semithino amuses himself by building bear traps in his way.


  1. HUZZAH for the Week of the Dragon!

    On the fun facts- Oh my pumpernickel. I'm giggling just imagining that.

  2. You're "Fun Fact" had me giggling. Cant wait to see what's next