Monday, January 13, 2014

2014 Riddling Derby #2

Welcome, readers, to the Second Riddling Derby of 2014!!!!

Here's how it works, if you're new:

I post three riddles.
You comment with your guesses as to their answers.
This weekend, I will announce the winner, who is the person to have correctly guessed the most riddles.
The champion of last week's riddling derby was Taisia Tinuviel; whoever wins this time will also be inducted into the Hall of Riddlers as a riddling champion.

All right, here we go!

Riddle #1: Mary's father has five daughters, four of whom are Nana Nene, Nini, and Nono. What is the name of the last daughter?

Riddle #2: What has four eyes but cannot see?

Riddle #3: A man was driving a truck. His lights were off, and the moon wasn't out, but there was a woman in the road up ahead. How did he see and avoid her?

Comment below with your answers. Now for some fun draconian facts!


Scaligar never eats potatoes, because of the time when his old archnemesis Jaklos the Cunning poisoned the mashed potatoes in his stew.

Despite his now benign nature, the reputation of Semithino's youth still instills fear in the townsfolk of certain southern provinces. They call him the Phantom of the Night, who can burn an entire town to cinders with one puff of breath. In fact, this is an exaggeration. Semithino was just extremely intoxicated when he accidentally stumbled drunkenly through a town and caused more mayhem than Gargazath on steroids.

Trubodox uses purple ink in all of his letters to Smok, because for some reason when Geekadox was living as his doppelganger, the crazed fandragon purchased purple ink in extremely large quantities and stored it up in the basement.


  1. 1. Mary.
    2. I'll have to think about this one a bit further.
    3. It was daytime.

  2. 1. Mary
    2. Mississippi?
    3. It was daytime.

    1. I had the feeling that it might be a word with four 'i's…maybe Mississippi is the answer.