Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Million Ways to Say Goodbye - A Poem

A million ways to say goodbye:
angrily, happily,
with the deepest, saddest sorrow,
bright and jolly,
looking forward to tomorrow.

A million ways, in different tongues
a million phrases, songs are sung,
and all these things
mean the same:

and for a day,
three years,
and fifteen minutes grey,
goodbye in words and gestures said.

Embraces, kisses,
handshakes, gifts,
weeping, tissues,
firmest grips,
to say that we will not forget
though time has come to let it go.

A million ways to say goodbye,

a million more and on and on,
but not one reason ever why,
not one reason for goodbye.


Hello, readers of Iron Wyvern! Riddling Derby Results will be announced tomorrow to conclude the first riddling derby of 2014, followed by a disaster post for the weekend.

Comment below with impressions of the poem, questions, or suggestions of any sort.

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