Thursday, January 3, 2013

Temporary Intentional Draconian Hold Off

Hello readers, the joint authors and co-creators of this blog have decided to stopper the flow of the Draconian Letters for a span of two months, though the details are still hazy so we may re-apear sooner than told. the reason for our stopping a good percentage of our posts is because we have a very clear idea of how the Draconian letters will carry on and finish, but another one of our similarly important literary projects, the vertex Trilogy, has a painfully hazy out put and we have found it key to its success to get together and work on it for several weeks.

We are sorry to have to take this drastic course of action but in the long run we think that it will be good all around, perhaps we'll even post a few of our secondary projects chapters when we resurface. 

but thankfully we shall not disappear entirely from the blogosphere, and will continue to post Riddling Derbies, Short Stories, Weekend Disaster Posts, Exclusive fantasy Interview and all the other usual affiliations of the blog save for its main flow of matter the Draconian letters.

We hope you all shall continue to enjoy the blog and dutifully read all our posts, even some of the more desperate materializations. I myself think you all are a superb crop in this generation and I hope to meet you all someday. 

I am guessing this shall be the last Draconian mobilized post for quite a spell, and so I shall end this posts with a final words. I think you'll like book two of the Draconian Letters when we come back again, and we hope you've enjoyed Book One: The Draconian Letters, next up will come Book Two: The War.

J.T.Z. Baner


  1. I definitely enjoyed Book 1 :) and am looking forward to Book 2!

    1. Thank you, your eagerness is much appreciated, as always.