Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eighth Riddling Derby

Greetings male, female and otherwise humanoid bloggers! Once again I've managed to post yet another Riddling Derby! I sincerely offer my apologies for not being utterly succinct with my 'weekly' Riddling Derbies, but this one was especially fun to make; as I created the first riddle! i hope you enjoy, and welcome to the Eighth Weekly Riddling Derbyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

Riddle One: Born from ink but constantly slain, until someone finds out your under laid name

Riddle Two: Stars awash in a sheen of light
It calls out loud in vile delight.
Listeners endure in fright.
Vicious brute that reigns at night,
Evil whelped of heinous bite,
Renewed by wax, it regains might.
A leading way to slay the beast,
Get the hidden weapon thus released.

What is this describing?
Hint: The first letter of each line has a clue

Riddle Three: Two bodies have I, though both joined in one,
The more I stand still the faster I run.
What am I?

I hope you don't mind Hyperlinkzer, but could you allow the other bloggers a chance to solve the riddles before you jump in, on account of you solving the last several Derbies running. maybe give 'em say...a day's head start and then you can start, okay? Much obliged.

Afterward: I have added this little accessory in light of the stoppered flow of Draconian propaganda, in which I'll leave a snippet of Draconian Wisdom with you at the end of every Derby, possibly along with any of our other posts that need rejuvenation.

Trubodox wears valentine flank-shorts, and Gebb Snowshoe is a crack-pot northern magician.


  1. You don't have to worry about me getting these ones. I'm thoroughly stumped. :P

  2. Wow. These are really good! I have no idea what the first two are! But the last one is an hourglass.

  3. Good one Tasia (time to ban you from the Derby as well, eh?)! Though the first one may be a bit nonsensical as i created it and I may have mixed up some of its primary advantages; hey, it rhymes, thats my motto.

  4. o_o These are hard.

    Um... I can only think that the second riddle is the moon, but that's probably not right. :P If I come up with anything else, I'll be back!

    ~ Renna

    1. good guess Ms. Renna! I hope you enjoy the blog! You are actually VERY close with your 'moon' equation. to give you a hint, the answer is a creature whose life is controlled by the moon entirely, and it would not be itself if not for the moon. I hope that makes sense.

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  6. Yes! But i won't say any more, as I might let slip some hints to the other readers. As you are new here I'd advise you to consult the earlier Riddling Derbies and contemplate the rules so you know the game within and without.
    Third Personality of Baner

  7. Well, everybody, this Derby will be ending in four hour's time, give our take a few decades. And I shall be contemplating who shall win this Derby of the week. You'd better get you're Thinking Berea on and try to figure out the final and yet unsolved riddle.

    Third personality of Baner

  8. Okay. The Derby is officially over. I crown with the invisible wreath of laurels.....Theodora! congratulations and all that Theodora! And now the Derby is officially over. to answer the riddles 'solved' and 'unsolved'. Riddle One: Hangman! Riddle two: Werewolf! Riddle Threeeeeee: (pause for effect!) Hourglass!!!!!!
    thank you for your attention, and goodnight!
    Third personality of Baner