Thursday, January 3, 2013

Letter Fifty-Nine

My Dearest Nephew,
I write to you now in hopes of enlightening you further on the events of late. Though I know that you have heard from both your uncles Scaligar and Trubodox on the matter of the coming conflict, the Compass War they are calling it as a reference to the Dragons of the four cardinal points of the compass who shall clash in it, now that more details have revealed themselves on this matter, I feel it my duty to shed a little more light on it all.
            Firstly, your uncle Trubodox is quite right in his observations on the actions of the Magicians in the North. They have been stirring of late and their restlessness causes great worry among us Dragons and rightly so. The last time the Wyvern Magicians and us Dragons of the four Points clashed, the conflict was terrible, coming close to obliterating the humans of our world. The Draconic population too paid a heavy toll in lives during the last years of that bloody war. And yet the lives were not spent without a purpose. The Magicians were pushed back once more into their caves were they slumbered for ages since. And now they are stirring once more.
            On another subject concerning the Wyvern Magicians your uncle Trubodox was also correct. The power of the Elemental Pearls wielded by a few of us Eastern Dragons has been bested by the Dark might of the Magicians and may be again in the coming war. We are not as powerful as many think we are. The powers of the Pearls are meant to be used for the good of all. In conflict and oppression of both humans and Dragons, their abilities will slowly wane. It took years for those of us in the East who battled the Magicians to build up again the power lost by our Elemental Pearls in the struggle. This is another reason why we Easterners do not attack the Western shores and lay waste to the homes of the Western oppressors. We would slowly become like them and the power of the Pearls would weaken, flicker and die. I did not tell you this when I first explained the reasons of the Easterners in response to your uncle Scaligar’s wonderments because I did not feel that the matter at claw at that time was important enough to reveal this secret, but now it is.
            Soon I must make an end to this letter and depart for a counsel with the other veterans of the last war with the Magicians. We are to decide the appointing of generals for the war and the placement of certain Draconic forces in our lands. However, before I leave for the counsel, I must ask you which army of Dragons you shall favor in the war. All four of the Dragon coasts now turn against each other, blaming each other for the waking of the stunted Wyverns. It is as it was before. We shall all battle each other once more and the death toll will be terrible. Therefore I beseech you to fight on the side of the East. I would hate to meet you in battle some day in the coming war, Nephew, hate to have to fight you claw to claw even. Fight with the East, I implore you.
            Your humble servant, Mentor and uncle,

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