Friday, January 4, 2013

Seventh Weekly Riddling Derby

Salutations followers! today we shall continue the Riddling Derby with vigor in accordance to the dry stream bed of posts that usually would be flowing with Draconian Letters, though, in light of our prior announcement we shall not be posting said letters for a few weeks yet. though in no ways does that mean this blog shall fall off the grid entirely.

And now on to the point of this post, welcome everyone to the Seventh Weekly Riddling Derby! I hope you shall all enjoy it, and I hope that you also don't solve them as fast as you have been, because the corner I've been crying in barely has anymore tissues for low rates so please act as though their as least a mite hard to solve.

Okay, here we go, as you know, or at least you would if you read last weeks Derby we are adding on a third riddle so as to compensate for how fast some people solve them, and here they are.

Riddle One: How is the letter T like an island

Riddle Two: Begin with a word, five letters to my name,
Remove the first and last but I am the same
Take out my middle and still I remain.
What word am I?

Riddle Three: I'm up and down and round about,
yet all the world can't find me out.
Though thousands have employed their leisure,
they never yet could find my measure.
I'm found in almost every garden,
In a compass or a farden.
There's neither chariot coach nor mill
may move one inch except I will.
What am I?

Well we hope you enjoy them and enjoy your day.

Z. Baner.


  1. Riddle one: because it's in the middle of waTer
    Riddle two: I have no clue.
    Riddle three: A circle?

  2. Very good guesses Hyper, though you know that the rules clearly state that we cannot crown you yet with the exalted position of "Individual of the Riddling Derby" without all the correct answers. though to tell you truthfully, Riddle Two struck me the same as you.
    Thanks for viewing, we're at an all time low according to circumstances beyond our control *Blows nose thoroughly on painfully misinformed handkerchief*.

  3. YES! That is goal durn correct! Great job Hyperlinkzer, it seems you have once again won the Riddling Derby for about the third week in a row, congratulations! You shall soon find an invisible loral wreath on your doorstep, though try not to step on it, these invisible loral wreaths can get expensive, especially when manufactured by the Power Bunny Initiative, which is based in Care Bear Land, just left of Narnia and straight on till morning.