Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review on Erak's Ransom

I have found it worthwhile to shy away from the usual routine of Iron Wyvern temporarily and concoct a review on the greatly edifying book Erak’s Ransom in the final spells of the Ranger’s Apprentice Chronicles.
Let us begin:
Firstly I must express my admiration of how John Flanagan has put together this story of mind and heart wrenching twists along with his ample explanations of the terrible experiences the Rangers and co. go through; including the terrible sandstorms, the heat of the desert and suffocating sun and the fearful displays of the battles tucked in the pages, a task of which my inexperienced writing mind is still tangled and boggled by, in short; Mr. Flanagan is a master of the literary art.
My next praise goes to how he laces into his books many different flavors like a cook preparing his prize stew, allow me to elaborate.
Somehow he manages to plant suspicion in his readers for the most mundane characters, then blast out with an incredible explanation to all of his mind numbing puzzles.
I have always been troubled over my rationed creativity in naming my characters, but I am still in awe of how Mr. Flanagan names his countries after actual modern countries only by their sparsely known olden day titles, like Gallica i.e France and Araluen i.e England Etc..
Also he seems to have an unending supply of fitting names for every character that pops into his mind, like Saoud the Silk Merchant, Selethen the Wakir, Svengal of Skandia, Halt the Ranger, Gilan the swords master and so on and so forth…
I retain my admiration especially for how he fit into his already bursting storyline the Tuilaghi Raiders; the Blue Veiled Devils, the Forgotten of God, simply masterful! And to use the repeated word once more, MASTERFUL!
As you might expect I advise any serious or other readers to read this book, along with the rest of Flanagan’s ample book list, I know he is also coming out with a new series called Brotherband, I've read the ones the library's got! And perhaps they will mkae another review possible!
Farewell Bloggers, and please strive to collect a copy of…pause for effect…cue suspenseful music… Erak’s Ransom!!
J.T.Z Baner
Blogger's note: I may have delved to far into the series, for Erak's Ransom happens to be the 7th book in the 10 book series, but don't let my slip up stop you. Read them ALL! Commence mad donkey laugh!

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