Monday, September 24, 2012

Letter Forty-One

My dearest Nephew,
I hear that you have begun your campaign against the Rogues as I believe they are known. Your first attack was most brilliantly executed and I applaud your ingenuity. While somewhat disappointed that you did not use my exact plan, I can still appreciate the genius of your overall strategy.
         From what I hear from friends in the area, you dug deep trenches around the Rogues’ cavern hideout and disguised them with a layer of bracken, dead leaves and fallen branches. Then you had your dragon cohorts hide in these trenches and burst up from them in an explosion of flames to startle the marauders. The avalanche technique from the cave mouth was also a marvelous idea.
         I hear that these troublesome dragons are still fighting hard and refusing to leave the province the ruler and peoples of which they are still antagonizing but do not lose heart! You have already accomplished a brave beginning to your campaign and taken these vagabonds by surprise. What with the advantages of superior numbers and strategy, the battle should soon be over and end in your favor.
P.S. Try not to lose this battle, I hear that the Rogues have a bad habit of holding grudges against those who attack and harm them; just a little extra information.

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