Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Interview with J.T.Z Baner

Interviewer: You post the name J. T. Z. Baner on your blog, is that a combination of all three of your names or simply made up.
J. T. Z. Baner: My name is my name and that is all the public needs to know.
Interviewer: Alright then. How old are you? 15? 13? 20?
J. T. Z. Baner: Yes.
Interviewer: Where do you live?
J. T. Z. Baner: I live in Ok-wait a minute! This is a trick isn’t it?! Gimme that tape recorder!
Interviewer: Now then, let’s get back to business. What are your interests?
J. T. Z. Baner: I like archery, fencing, purple paint, tortoises, fuzzy slippers, sharp objects, finger-painting, jello and getting struck by lightning.
Interviewer: Um, okay then. What is your favorite TV show?
J. T. Z. Baner: Hmm, that’s a tough one. I suppose that my two favorites are Burn Notice and The Last Airbender, not the movie though, that stank like a troll’s boxers fermented in lasagna in a trashcan in the Sahara.
Interviewer: Uh, thank you for that enlightening review.
J. T. Z. Baner: You’re very welcome, care for my views on My Little Pony?
Interviewer: I think we’ll leave it at that for the moment, time’s flying and you know what they say.
J. T. Z. Baner: Ah yes, “Time flies like a an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.”
Interviewer: Um, quite. Goodbye then, must run.

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