Saturday, June 30, 2012

Weekend Disaster Post

Werewolf breakout at Sicklemoon Prison:
Late last full moon, three Werewolf convicts escaped from Sicklemoon and ran riot in the surrounding village of Lidnock. The escapees’ empty wards were soon filled with those unfortunate enough to be out late and encounter the half-mad likenthropes and get bitten.
A few hours after the breakout a Sicklemoon executive gave a speech to the townsfolk containing mostly cautions, and the village-wide plea to alert the prison if any signs of the inmates appeared, such as strangely-acting tramps (could be the unaccounted for bitten) or stray hanks of dog hair (signs of the Werewolves’ whereabouts).
No one yet has alerted Sicklemoon, so the Post advises all Lidnock inhabitants to stay in their locked houses on the full moon, and not go out on midnight walks no matter how many fairies are shining that night.
The Post
J.T.Z. Baner  

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