Thursday, June 28, 2012

Letter Three

My Dearest Nephew,
I hear that your other two uncles are sending you letters filled with instructions as to the best way to become a dragon. As you know, both of your other uncles are Western dragons and will therefore do their best to make you a dragon such as them which is to say, a flying terror, pillaging villages, hoarding gold and killing off knights. Whatever they might tell you; this is not the only path a dragon can take, or the proper one for that matter. I myself have taken up residence in the East where dragons are not feared, but known as sources of benevolent wisdom and generosity. I find this a much better way of life than being feared and hated by every village and being attacked by every sword-swinger within a mile. No, the way of the benevolent dragon is not only safer, and more accommodating, but it is highly gratifying.
     As your other two sources of information will be doing their best to fill your head with bloodthirsty images of rampages and hoards of gold, I see it as my duty to become your mentor in the ways of the benevolent dragon. I will be writing to you with advice on how to make yourself such a dragon that will be known for his kindness through the ages and how to avoid the path of such dragons as your uncles Scaligar and Gargazath.
     Your humble servant, mentor and uncle,

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