Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Letter Two


I have come upon the information that one of your deluded uncles has lately contacted you, trying to mislead you with - -I have no doubt- -abundant missives advising you to pick your spot of pillaging carefully and patiently. I disagree! I shall now give you my own version of your imbecilic uncle’s atrocious letter.

By simply looking back through dragonish historical archives, you will find that all dragons pass through their phases. One of there most notable phases is Rage, Anger, and Cunning! If I may be so blunt, I am the essence of all three of those masterful arts. And so it follows through simple deduction, that who else but me would be better made to mentor you; you of course will be my servant, and for a while, even slave. But you will learn many things, just as I learned just as many from Fangburn the Scorcher when I was in your state.

Your ferocious, incredible, fearful, modest uncle

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