Sunday, September 14, 2014

2014 Riddling Derby No. 7

Welcome to Iron Wyvern! Today is the beginning of the Seventh Riddling Derby of 2014! Defending champion: Dmitri Pendragon. Who will challenge his title?

EDIT: We're sorry there was no Book of the Week post on Saturday; there was a slight mixup in the choice of novel. This week we'll be back on schedule.

Each of the first three riddles are worth one point, and the last one is worth two. Please honor the other contestants and don't use the internet, of course. That would be cheating.

If there is a tie, we will try to get hold of the contestants for a riddle-off tiebreaker. If that cannot be arranged, we will simply induct both of them into the Hall of Riddlers simultaneously.

All right, you know the rules, let's get started!

Riddle #1: You can easily touch me, but not easily see me. You can throw me out, but not away.

What am I?

Riddle #2: What heavy seven letter word can you take two from and be left with eight?

Riddle #3: If a farmer has 5 chickens, two horses, and his wife on his farm, how many feet are on his farm? (nobody's disabled, too, so don't worry about that)

Bonus Riddle: What is 40 divided by 1/2, plus 15?

Comment below with your answers, suggestions, thoughts, love letters, etc. Comments will be moderated, so don't worry about letting other contestants know the answers.


  1. 1. One of my brothers suggested the bottom of your tongue; you can't easily see that, but you can easily touch it, and you can throw it out (e.g. stick it out quickly) but not away. It's a possibility. I may find a different answer.
    2. Weighty.
    3. If there's no trick in the wording here, then there are 22 feet: the farmer's two, the wife's two, the horses' eight, and the chickens' ten. Or, if you count horses as having hooves instead of feet and chickens as having talons instead of feet, there are four: the farmer's two and the wife's two.
    Bonus. 95.

    1. (Wait, what happened to moderation?)

    2. Another idea, actually. For number 1, your back.